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Aesthetic dentistry faq


1.What is aesthetic dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry (also called cosmetic dentistry) means dental work that develops the aesthetic appearance and function of your teeth. It covers treatments such as tooth whitening, gum lifting, aesthetic tooth filling methods (inlays-onlays), veneers, dental crowns, etc.

2.What is tooth whitening?

Tooth whitening is a daily routine dental procedure in modern dentistry and so is in our Budapest office. Due to the constant development of aesthetic dentistry it is an absoutely safe procedure.

3.What causes discolouring?

Age, the drinking of coffee, tea, red wine, smoking as well as certain medication leaves their marks on our teeth.

4.Does tooth whitening have any side affects?

Yes. For a short perdiod of time after the tooth whitening is done you may feel some tooth sensitivity.

5.Can everyone have tooth whitening done?

No. At a certain level of discolouring tooth whitening might not be enough. In these cases veneers should be used instead.

6.What is a veneer?

Veneers are ultra-thin porcelain shells put onto the outer surface of the teeth to cover minor deficiencies in shape and colour.

7.What is an aesthetic filling?

Aesthetis filling means that the material of the filling and it's colour will not differ from your tooth's natural colouring. Aesthetic fillings are recommended for small or medium-size dacays. These are direct fillings and are made by the dentist in the dentist's surgery. If the decay is bigger, the filling is a coproduction of the dentist and the technician and parts of the work is done in the technician's lab.

Aesthetic white filling is a type of direct filling that has natural tooth colour and fixes to light.

8.Is cosmetic dental work expensive?

It is definitely less expensive here than it is in the UK.