Dental implant benefits and risks

As people get older the loss and so the replacement of teeth become a major problem to be solved. Medical science has created dental implants as the most advanced technique for replacing lost teeth.



The major benefit of dental implants is that they restore your ability of biting and chewing so that you can enjoy foods you earlier found difficult to eat. You can relax, your teeth or brigde will not move or loosen. Your other teeth do not need to be ground down – in contrast with the making a traditional bridge for instance. Progressive bone loss can be stopped by dental implants.

Clinical studies prove a success rate 90-95% of dental implants.

Tooth replacement with dental implants feels and looks better than traditional replacements as they are fix in place, do not move like removable prosthesis that are usually unstable.

Also, dental implants can last your lifetime.


Dental implants cost quite an amount of money and are not without risk. The treatment is also time consuming considering the time your bone wounds need for healing. As the implantation means surgery the key is that you find a specialist you can trust the most.

Please consider that those people who smoke regularly or suffer of poor immune system face a higher risk of dental implant problems and/or complications.

Although the procedure has a high success rate, problems can come up during of after the operation. Most of these problems can easily be treated by your dental implant specialist.

The biggest risk is that the dental implant does not integrate properly with the jawbone. Dental implants may also fall out. In this case the dental implant specialist will take out the dental implant, wait until the bone heals and repeat the operation to ensure a better fit.

Amongst medical risks of the operation there is the possibility of an infection or inflammation of the gums or soft tissue of the mouth. Also, but only in extreme and complicated cases, the risk of nerve demage may appear that causes pain or a numb feeling in lips, gums or chin. The place in can cause sinus problems when dental implants are put into the upper jaw.

However, a well trained and experienced dental implant specialist can perform an operation to quickly and correctly avoid and/or correct such problems.

However, dental implants as the world leading technology of tooth replacement have a 90-95% success rate when the operation is performed correctly and the implants are well placed in.