Immediate dental implants

We can extract the tooth and place in dental implant at the same time. We have special dental implants for these cases. These implants have a very high initial stability. This is the key of success in these cases.

Immediate dental implant
Immediate dental implant

Immediate dental implants have two major advantages against conventional methods. Shorter healing time and bone and gum structure preservation.

By the conventional methods the destroyed tooth has to be exracted first. After the extraction a removable plastic, acrylic denture has to be made in the visible front area. The patient wears it for 3-5 months, up to the complete healing of the extraction wound, the extraction sucket. After this the dental implant specialist places in the implant that heals in the bone for 3 months. The last phase is the making of the crown.

With immediate dental implants we can accelerate the whole procedure. There are less treatments, less injections, operation, discomfort, etc. In the majority of the cases we can make an immediate fixed plastic crown in the same time with the tooth extraction and the dental implant inplacement. This preserves the original bone and gum structure around the dental implant and the final crown.