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Dental veneer treatments faq


1. Can everybody have veneers?

No. For example patients with the habit of grinding teeth cannot have veneers as their bad habit will break the veneer.

However it is the dentists' competence to decide whether each individual case can or cannot be treated with veneers.

2. Can a dental veneer destroy the teeth?

No, it cannot. The popularity of veneers is based not only on the beauty of the end result but also, on it's gentle approach to the teeth. The tooth surface does not need to be grinded off so your veneer can be taken off anytime you wish.

3. How long does a veneer last?

Porcelain veneers last between 5-15 years. Then you have to have them replaced.

Although veneers are strongly cemented onto the tooth surface it does happen sometimes that they come loose. It's important that the dental patient keeps hold of the dental veneer and contacts the dental veneer specialist as soon as possible.

To make your veneers last longer please follow a good hygiene system and visit your dental veneer specialist for regular check-ups.