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Veneers in Hungary

Hungary is the most frequented target of European dental tourism. We provide a wide range of dental service in aesthetic dentistry. As we use the same materials and technologies, Hungarian dental offices and staff provides the same quality of dental work dental patients meet anywhere round Europe but on a much affordable price as living costs and seleries are much lower in Hungary than elsewhere..

Our outstanding experience in crown and bridge work, metal free restaurations (e.g.Empress and Zirkonia) and dental veneers made us become a strong competitor of dentistries all around Europe.

Apart from Hungary there is no other reasonable destination for extensive dental work in Europe.

Hungary is a leader of European Dental Tourism. We provide wide range of dental service in Aetehetic dentistry e.g. dental veneers.

We use the same materials, technologies so we provide the same quality like in Western-Europe (Empress, Procera, Lumineers, Brillant white) .

Our prices are much lower because the life is cheaper in Hungary.

We have big experience in veneers, crown and bridge work, in metal free restorations.

Veneer step by step
Veneer step by step

Veneer step by step
Veneer step by step

Veneer step by step
Veneer step by step

There is no more resonable destination for dental veneers and extensive dental work in Europe, than Hungary.