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Dentist in Hungary


Dr. Honti Béla, Dr. Honti Eszter

We are a leading dental clinic in Budapest. Our specialities are dental implants, veneers, and cosmetic dentistry. We focus on English and Italian patients. Our fully equipped office is in Budapest. Our prices are designed to provide the cheapest service for the highest available quality and standard with providing maximum guaranties.

Dentistinhungary is a leading dental center in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Budapest is the most popular dental tour destination in Europe due to the outstanding reputation of Hungarian dental care and services.

Our dental clinic offers you the well-known quality and knowledge of dental proffession with a high standard, well-equipped dental clinic in Budapest.

Our specialities are dental implants, dental veneers, and cosmetic dentistry but our dental service covers all type of dental treatments.

We focus on English and Italian patients.

With our prices our aim is to achieve the cheapest dental service for the highest quality and standard with providing maximum guarantees.

We take pride in the high quality of dental treatments our dental surgeries and private dental clinic provide on a much affordable price in Budapest then anywhere round Europe. But lower price-level does not mean lower quality or standards.

Our dental surgery is big enough for having a dental specialist for all treatment types but we are not too big to become complicated.

You meet two dentists during one treatment at most.

We focus on dental implants, dental bridges and crown works, dental veneers, dentures and tooth whitening.