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Phone/fax: +36 1 212 22 80

Our dental services in steps

Dentist In Hungary is a well frequented dental office in Budapest due to the high quality of dental work done at our office and to the affordable prices we offer especially compared to dental treatments' price-levels in the UK or in Italy.

Dental services step by step:

1.Our future dental patient contacts us

via email, ( Skype(, fax (+36 1 212 22 80) or by calling our patient coordinator who speaks

Inform us about your dental problem. It is also useful if you send us a picture and/or a (panorama) x-ray picture of the problematic point by mail or by regular mail.

These pieces of information serve as basis for a rough treatment plan and quotation that will be specified after your dentist actually saw and evaluated your case. By this first quotation the treatment can already start in Budapest.

2.Treatment in Budapest

In most cases all treatments are done within one or two visits.

Treatment in Budapest