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Our quality affordable dental care

Our Budapest dental clinic focuses on dental implantation, dental veneers, crowns, dentures, bridges.

Are you afraid? Do you have bad memories?

Concoius sedation
Concoius sedation

We provide our treatments in conscious sedation too.

We are big enough for having a specialist for all treatment types.

We are not too big to be complicated.

You meet two doctors at most during one treatment.

Budapest has as many highly trained and experienced dentists per capita as no other cities in Europe. They specialize on all kinds of treatments from Periodontology to Orthodontology, and, in top clinics, Implantology.

Budapest is only 2,5 hours from the UK and appr. 1 hour from Milan. Looking into the offers of budget airlines you can jet over to Budapest for £40-60 return. Traditional airlines also offer good deals.

Having chosen Budapest as your dentistry abroad, the city with reviving thermal baths can make your stay a real „healthcare holiday”.

Our prices can be as low as half of those in the Uk or in Italy.

On the other hand please consider that under a certain number of crowns or a bridge shorter than 3-4 units it is not worth travelling abroad. But for a treatment bigger than these examples it is definatelly worth coming to Budapest as you will meet much affordable prices then in the UK or in Italy.

As you are now in straight contact with a dental office that is owned by the dentists themselves, you do not need to finance middlemen. This means our offers are lower than of other providers' on the market.

Also, salaries of dentists as well as of dental technicians in Hungary are much lower than seleries in the Uk or in Italy. This is one of the reasons we can offer our services at a lower price without lowering the quality of the work done.