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Dear Dr. Honti,


It was a pleasure to meet you and to be looked after by you and your team. I am really very confident about what you are doing to "renew" my dentition.

Best regards
Charles Duvelle

"I have been treated by Dr Honti for several years. All the treatment and procedures have been very satisfactory. His practice has the latest equipment and he has been willing to see me at short notice on occasions. Dr Honti's manner is most friendly and I have felt at ease and comfortable at all times. I do not hesitate to recommend Dr Honti and his practice."

Best regards,
Nicolas Krohn

In my experience Dr Honti is a competent and precise dentist. He was most accommodating in terms of when he could see me, and I was struck by his professionalism. I am also grateful for the advice he gave concerning everyday dental hygiene.

Dr. Orsolya Rowe
School of Oriental and African Studies