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Oral surgery faq

1. What is a bone preservative extraction?


It is a humane method of tooth extraction that preserves the bone from demage and so becomes a major precondition of dental implantation.

2. What shall I do after my tooth has been extracted?

You should not rinse or touch the wound with your tounge. Until your mouth is numb you shouldn't eat or drink. When washing teeth that night avoid the wound with the brush but you will have to wash it from the next evening.

3. What does a dental implant cost in Hungary? Why is it cheaper than in the UK?

Prices of dental implants in Hungary are significantly lower than those in the UK. The reason is that average costs and expanses such as salaries, utilized material are much cheaper than the ones in the UK.

4. How experienced are the Hungarian dentists?

Due to the high number of successful implant placements – over 4000 – our dental specialist represents the famous Hungarian dental experience and quality dental service.

5. How long does it take before I can get an appointment at your dental office?

We offer short notice for appointments. You do not need to wait for months before getting an appointment at your dentist – like in the UK. After contacting our dental office we can provide you an appointment within 2 weeks maximum.

6. Can you guarantee that I meet similar equipment in Hungary to dental offices in the UK?

Hungarian dental surgeries are far better equipped than the 99% of dental offices in the UK.

7. How can you ensure the success of an implant?

Success of implants in dentistry has been proved for over three decades. But to ensure a long life for your individual implant you must have good oral hyhiene.

8. I have had bad memories. Can you ensure that I have the least discomfort possible?

All dental implant therapies are administared under aneasthesia to eliminate discomfort. After the operation you may have to take painkillers. But most of our patients feel well short after the treatment finished and the next day most of them can travel or return to work.