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Guarantee conditions

Notes regarding treatment provided:

  1. All treatment is provided on the assumption that you consent to having the treatment provided. If you are still unsure before treatment is commenced, it is your responsibility to inform the dentist.
  2. All treatment items are subject to recognised levels of failure.
  3. There is a 10-25 % risk of the pulp in a tooth dying subsequent to having had a crown placed on it.
  4. There is up to 45% rate of failure with root canal treatment in the long term. This failure rate is based on a number of factors such as pre-existing root filling, infection, complex root morphology and patient dependent factors.
  5. Patients undergoing cosmetic/dentures will be shown them before final fitting. At this point, it is your responsibility to advise us of any dissatisfaction you have with the appearance. If you decide later that you are unhappy with the appearance, we will be unable to change them without cost to you.

In the unlikely event that your dental work needs to invoke our guarantee service, please contact:

Guarantee in Budapest

We give 3 years guarantee for fillings, inlays, partial dentures.
We give 1 year guarantee for the full dentures.

We give 5 years guarantee for crowns, bridges.
We give 5 years guarantee for implants*.

*if the patient fully accepts the necessary bone augmentation process
*if the treatment follows the requisite healing time –depends on the case
*if we complete the crown&bridge, or prosthesis work

Our dentists offer a guarantee on their implants that is in line with guarantee system offered by UK or most European dentists. In case of a failure they will place in another implant at no additional cost to you.

Garantee conditions:

  • You have to visit our surgery once a year for controll and undergo maintaining treatments (hygiene, etc)
  • The guarantee is valid only in the given clinic if the work is carried out there including annual check-up. You can visit us in London or in Milan as long as we give our service there. We can not promiss that allways will keep this service. So far we have you can visit us in London or in Milan. If we don't give our service anymore in London or in Milan you have to come to Budapest for the annual check up.
  • We are not liable for any unforeseen root canal treatment after having tooth/teeth prepared for crown & bridgework. Occasionally, teeth suffer preparation trauma during crown & bridgework, inlay treatment resulting in a need for a root canal treatment afterwards.

Please note that guarantee does not cover root canal treatments.

Guarantee will be reduced or invalidated:

  • If oral hygiene is neglected
  • If the dentist's instructions are not followed
  • If removable restoration such as partial dentures or full dentures are not kept and maintained properly
  • If the patient does not visit us for a routine check-up at least once a year
  • If the gum tissue or teeth bone is naturally reducing
  • Accidental damage, for example dropping dentures, by accidents, sports, or any third party
  • If the patient loses or gains a substantial amount of weight during a short period of time
  • If there is a general sickness occurring that has negative effects on the dental condition (for example diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, condition after x-rays or chemotherapy).
  • If patient does not notify Hontident prior to exercising their guarantee

Extent of guarantee in the unlikely event of any defects in our dental laboratory work, the guarantee can only be claimed at our clinics, for work which was demonstrably done there. It does not include travelling and accommodation costs.

The guarantee of the implants is only valid if our dentist completes the full work.

  • The guarantee does not includue travelling and accomodation costs and valid only for remedial dental work.


Risks of Treatment:

Like with most surgical procedures there are some risks. The most significant risk in your treatment is discomfort, swelling, bruising, infection and delayed healing. There is a risk of accidental damage to adjacent anatomic structures such as teeth, though with accurate planning this should be avoidedable.

The sinus lift grafting procedure is very delicate and well tolerated by patients under simple local anaesthesia. Specific risks are as in the above paragraph including the possibility of tear in the lining as it is reflected.

Generally tears are easily repired and the completed. Rarely is may be necessary to abandon the procedure and repeat it after a short healing period. we have never had to abandon a procedure and to date our success with sinus 97%.

There is a risk of implant failer of approximately 1%-3% depending on specific circumstances. There is a lower risk of failer after the first year in function as long as your health, both general and around the implants is maintened and no excessive forces are exerted. Our overall succes rate at the practise is currently 98,5%.

Generally an implant can be replaced should it fail either at the same time or at a late stage, occasionally additional procedure may be required.

Excessive forces may result in some of the competent part fracturing. Implants and the teeth are subject to wear and tear over time and depending on the amount the need to replace the crown may arise.

There is a risk gum recession around the implant and though this may not affect its survival, it may required treatment for aesthetic reasons.


Smoking is known to reduce the efficiency of implant integration. If you are a smoker, our device is that you stop smoking completely before any surgery is undertaken.

Annual Review:

Monitornig is the essential part of the treatment and we encourage an annual review of all implants placed. radiographs and photgraphs will be taken at specified appointments. The data recorded will form a part of your ongoing care to ensure the health of your implants and your mouth.

You can visit us in London or in Milan as long as we give our service there. We can not promiss that allways will keep this service. So far we have you can visit us in London or in Milan. If we don't give our service anymore in London or in Milan you have to come to Budapest for the annual check up.

The service is free. Please note that it is your responsibility to make the necessary appointment.