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Dental restoration faq

1. Is the dental replacement fixed or removable?


The dental bridge is fixed with a special dental cement. It cannot be moved.

2. How can I clean my teeth under a fixed dental bridge?

Use interdental brush and super floss. An oral jet is also useful but the way to reach the best result is by using the three devices together.

3. Since I have a dental bridge my breath is bad. What can be behind it?

The reason must be the lack of proper cleaning. Using dental floss, oral irrigator jet and interdental brush will exclude bad breath.

4. When do I have to take out my removable dental bridge?

Removable bridges made nowadays do not need to be taken out more then twice a day for cleaning.

5. How should I clean my removable dental prosthesis?

The most important is mechanic cleaning. Brush your dental prosthesis with a toothbrush twice a day. After having it cleaned well with a brush, as a complementary method, you can use those cleaning tablets solt at drugstores and chemist's.